Soybean, leguminous 1 to 1.5 m tall, partially wrapping, branched, one-year, large scale agriculture in China and Japan, the importance of a plant that is highly in terms of nutritional value.

Three aortic leaves of the plant, and pointed oval-shaped leaflets. Flowers yellowish or violet in color. Fruits are a bit convoluted, hairy and 2-5 seedy. Seeds of spherical, white, and black on one side has a stain.

World soybean production is around 280 million tonnes. Our country needs can produce.Almost all of this production from the Tarsus district of Mersin and Adana regions are made of.

Soybean cultivation , the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the encouragement of sugar factories have been started in our country . Subject to the Act in 1982 addressed the Council of Ministers , the manufacturer guarantees given. By growing soybeans are rich in fat and protein , nutrients memleketimizdeki close the gap and contribute to the agricultural sector is an important industry in terms soybean plant. U.S. soybean producers in companies monopolized play an important role even in their own economies .

Climate where they grow soybeans, corn is as . Are short-day plants , are susceptible to the long days . Dry beans and peas and more durable than the risk of frost . Grown in the soil of all types , but to obtain the best yield sandy-clay soil . Similar upbringing beans . The main products in April , June, is correct, wetlands, fields planted as a second crop after soybean harvest , the field remains rich in nutrients . Addition of nitrogen to the soil is cultivated . Thus, the strength of the soil increases . Subsequently cultivating as much land cereals, cotton , peanuts , rice , sesame and so on. even more efficiency is obtained as a second crop . The increase in soybean yield due to residues of the product of the second source of additional income . Soybean harvest is very important to be on time . Early harvest , creasing, late harvest can cause the loss of fruit . Derived from soybeans as an important industrial product is a big seller in both domestic and foreign markets .